Home of the FREE full featured astrophotography imaging application for Windows 7 and above.


as in Astrophotography

at Zero cost!

Note: AstroZero Imager was originally called Budget Astrophotography. You will see Budget Astrophotography at various places until it all gets filtered out.

AstroZero is a full featured free astrophotography imaging application. 


  • Integrated plate solving with Platesolve2 or All Sky Plate Solver

  • Mount control of any ASCOM capable mount

  • Connects with PHD2 for dithering.

  • The PHD2 guide graph is built in to AstroZero so no more having to switch between apps to monitor the guiding performance

  • Integration with Stellarium

  • And much more

At this time, AstroZero only fully supports Canon DSLR cameras. ZWO support is in testing but should function fully.



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